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Do You Ever Wonder If You're Boring Him?

Ever wonder if you're... well... boring him?

That scary feeling creeps up on you when the relationship is past the "honeymoon" stage!

No one wants their love life to be just routine and run-of-the-mill and... borrring.

Perish the thought that you might actually make him feel BORED with you!

Because deep down, you instinctively sense that...

A woman of mystery NEVER bores him.

And that's the number-one reason for being a woman of some mystery!

Why Do Some "Plain" or Even "Rude" Women Always Seem To Have a Man Who Adores Them?

Here's what these women (who sometimes don't even deserve the guy) are doing that keeps a man not only devoted, but downright hooked.

It comes down to mystery... even though these women never stop to wonder why they have always have a man in their life.

Mystery is the quality that makes him think about you all day long.

Mystery matters... because it keeps his curiosity going.

Being mysterious means you keep his interest - even for a lifetime.

Comments From Those Who Already Own This Program:

"Great job!! I just got the program and couldn't stop reading last night!!!

"You already answered so many subtle questions that I had, and I'm positive your words will be very helpful in changing this un-mysterious girl into the one I'd like to be. Thanks!!!!"

"Dear Mimi,

"I just started the program and I am thrilled. While I am listening, I feel that I finally have someone I trust, with great values, who is guiding me through the most important steps in life...

"As I write this, tears come in my eyes, because I didn't have the chance to be guided by my mother, she is alive but she has no good values (it took me so much time to finally face this).

"It's very hard to accept the fact that a mother can be destructive, even though I love her. So your help is just so precious to me.

"The first two 'elements of mystery' made a big impression on me, so I'm taking time to embrace them before going further."

In "Feminine Mystery":

You'll find out about "The Desire Bombshell" - a way to make him suddenly want you MUCH more.

It's very sneaky indeed (but in a good way).

It's one of those things that is "hiding in plain sight."

No matter who you use the "Desire Bombshell" with, they'll see you as a force to be reckoned with, and they can't help wanting to be around you more.

You may have had someone use this "technique" naturally with you - and if so, then you have felt its power.

It works even if you're just friends; even if there's no romantic interest involved for either of you. That's how powerful it is.

The only way to truly spark a man's interest is to keep him wanting more:

...Wanting to know you more deeply;

...Wanting to feel more of what he feels when he's with you,

...Believing that life with you holds more fulfilling times and surprises, and...

...Deeply desiring to be the love of your life through it all.

Every man wants to be with a woman who has that effect on him.

That's what makes a man crazy about a woman. As we all know, there are men who are so wrapped up in the woman they love that they're virtually hooked.

A man who is truly in love doesn't secretly wish he was with someone else!

A man wants to be obsessed to the point of rhapsodic adoration for the right woman. He wants to be with a woman who has that "certain something."

He doesn't know what that "certain something" is, but we know! It's feminine mystery.

Even if he's been married to you for years, a man wants to feel that there are still surprises – that there is always more to discover about you.

My program "Feminine Mystery" will give you all the tips, tricks, and secrets to making these surprises a reality in your life. So let's begin!

This whole program came about by accident.

It grew and grew because there is so much to discover here.

I have a deeper understanding of this subject than you're going to find anywhere else. And I'm very excited to be sharing this with you.

You will most certainly use the Desire Bombshell. You'll know immediately that it works.

You'll find it MUCH easier to go about your day as a woman of some mystery.

Understanding the priceless power of feminine mystery makes it easy to keep things in reserve when you're with him, instead of saying things that kill the mystery!

Feminine Mystery is based on Five Foundations. Without any of the foundational principles, you aren't mysterious.

In "Secrets of Feminine Mystery" You Will Discover

  The Five Foundations of Feminine Mystery - without any one of these, it's impossible to maintain mystery.

  The Desire Bombshell, which will make him unable to resist the desire to be part of your life.

  The Little-Known Ways to Create a Magnetic Presence and Personality - Yes, this WORKS.

  Subtle Changes in What You Do and Say That Make You SPECIAL - and no one will be able to figure out why!

  Handy Mysterious Phrases - so you will have them at your fingertips whenever you need to know what to say.

  The Feminine Power of Focus: You will be shocked at the results you get from this oh-so-subtle trick.

  "Sexy Voice" Lessons from Mimi: "Give Me Four Days, and I Can Make Your Voice Mysterious, Soothing, and Sexy"!

What People Are Saying About "Feminine Mystery"

"Just to let you know that your program Feminine Mystery is like drinking pure water to me. It is delicious. I have just listened to two elements and I love it already. Thank you so much!"

"It doesn't surprise me to learn men crave these qualities in women (how exactly did you discover this?) ...these qualities are as you say traits of people who can be trusted. Trusted to 'have your back'."

"...Just listening to you lifts my spirits - you help me step into a better version of myself."

"Great job!! I bought the program yesterday and couldn't stop reading last night!!!

"You already answered so many subtle questions that I had, and I'm positive your words will be very helpful in changing this unmysterious girl into the one I'd like to be. Thanks!!!!"

"Dear Mimi,

"I just started the program yesterday and I wanted so much to write to you my first impressions.

"First of all, everything is well organized, clear, easy to access, easy to understand the different parts of the program.

"It's well structured; I love that we have the audio and the text at the same place, so easy to listen and read at the same time. This is what I do because what I cherish the most is to hear your voice...

"About the program itself I am thrilled. While I am listening, I feel that I finally have someone I trust, with great values, who is guiding me through the most important steps in life...

"The first two elements made a big impression on me, so I take time to embrace them before going further."

Mimi Tanner is simply one of the best when it comes to writing to women on the art of finding and keeping a great man. She has become well-known on a global scale in a relatively short time. Why? Because she covers highly in-demand subjects with a flair and disarming friendliness that is unequalled.

Mimi lays it all out for you in logical steps that are a blast to read.

Scot and Emily McKay
Internationally Renowned Dating Experts

Be More of a Mystery to him!

Bonus #1:
"Make Your Voice Mysterious, Soothing, and Sexy"!

Every mysterious woman knows that her voice is an essential part of what makes her mysterious.

In just FOUR SHORT DAYS I can make your voice sexy, soothing, and mysterious.

And you only have to practice FOUR MINUTES each day.

Yes, it's that easy, and you'll see the results right away.

What most people don't know about me (Mimi) is...

Speech has always been one of my passions. I've been interested in the speaking voice as far back as I can remember.

Growing up, speech was my favorite class in school.

Eventually I got a degree in speech as a detour on my way out of university and even taught speech and drama for several years.

Speech training is not something you hear a lot about, but how you speak is vitally important to your image!

What most people don't realize is how easy it is to dramatically improve your voice.

I'm very excited to share with you the secrets that will give you the voice you've always wanted.

And you don't have to do anything except practice my lessons for only four minutes over four short days, to get the results you want.

In this exclusive bonus, you'll discover everything you need to know to make your voice sensuous, sexy, confident, and even comforting!

Bonus #2:
"The True Femme Fatale"!

Inside every woman there is a "Femme Fatale."

This is the sexy, alluring woman in you who draws men to yourself effortlessly.

A Femme Fatale knows certain tricks and uses them to make every man spellbound when she's with him.

These tricks are easy to learn and remember, and believe me - they work almost too well.

Find out exactly how to behave (and misbehave) around men so they can't get enough of your feminine charms. This is powerful.

Bonus #3:
"How To Have a Hypnotic Effect on a Man (and Meet His Deepest Psychological Needs)"!

I'm also giving you my treasured "Secret" Bonus Guide: "How To Have A Hypnotic Effect on a Man and Meet His Deepest Psychological Needs."

This precious manual reveals how to meet your man's hidden psychological needs and become the woman he can't stop thinking about - and the woman he can trust with his own deepest revelations.

Of course, no actual hypnosis is used, but the effect on your man will be the same as if you have him under your spell - for life.

Why? Because you will be meeting his deepest psychological needs.

And they're NOT what you might be thinking! In fact, you have probably never thought about these needs before.

And when you use these truths not only with men, but with everyone in your life, you'll find that your life goes more smoothly, with less resistance from others, and that you will become more loved and sought after than you have ever been before.

Go ahead and try this for yourself! You'll feel the difference - I promise!


Unlock The Secrets of Exuding
Feminine Mystery

And Triple Bonuses:

  Your Sultry & Sexy Voice
  The True Femme Fatale
  Your Hypnotic Effect on Him

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A Man's Point of View

"How did you get so good at understanding the male mind? Your techniques would keep a guy up at night with visions of his lady waltzing off with a better man. But, oh boy, are they effective if the man truly loves her and is waffling."

- Robert

I can't wait to explore the secrets of Feminine Mystery with you!

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