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The Secrets of Feminine Mystery
Mimi Tanner
228 Park Ave. S. 34690
New York, NY 10003

Mimi Tanner is simply one of the best when it comes to writing to women on the art of finding and keeping a great man. She has become well-known on a global scale in a relatively short time. Why? Because she covers highly in-demand subjects with a flair and disarming friendliness that is unequalled.

Mimi lays it all out for you in logical steps that are a blast to read.

Relationship Coaches Scot and Emily McKay
Hosts of "X and Y on the Fly" Podcasts

A Man's Point of View

"How did you get so good at understanding the male mind? Your techniques would keep a guy up at night with visions of his lady waltzing off with a better man. But, oh boy, are they effective if the man truly loves her and is waffling."

- Robert

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228 Park Avenue South #34690
New York, New York 10003
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